Midtown Toronto Tooth Extractions

At Oakwood Village Dental, we know for a fact that no dental restorations are as good as your own natural teeth, so we do our best to treat your teeth and preserve its natural structure. However, in some cases we are left with no alternatives, and must perform tooth extractions.

For example:

When your tooth is decayed beyond repair

* When infection has destroyed a large portion of your tooth or the surrounding bone

* When there’s not enough room for all the teeth in your mouth (i.e. wisdom teeth or in some orthodontic cases)

* When wisdom teeth are impacted, causing damage to your jawbone or the neighbouring teeth.

Tooth Extractions

In case we have to resort to tooth extractions, Dr. Tannis will make sure that the process goes as smooth as possible, with no pain or discomfort. He will also provide you with the necessary instructions and recommend follow up procedures to ensure your optimal state of oral health.

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